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RSS Feed from Steinberg

What exactly are RSS feeds?

Really Simple Syndication (commonly known as RSS) is a straightforward thread of information, referred to as a feed, which is used to post frequently updated website content in a standardized format. By subscribing to a feed, you can automatically get the latest in company-related information as soon as it has been published — without actually having to visit the Steinberg website.

How do I use RSS feeds?

To read RSS feeds, you need an RSS reader. This is a software application which allows you to aggregate feeds from any website with RSS capability. It automatically checks for content updates and lets you read any posts that have been added. There are a range of different readers: some of which are plug-ins accessed via browser or e-mail client, and some of which are standalone applications. Most of the latest internet browsers already include a simple RSS reader, allowing you to subscribe to feeds without requiring additional software.