Midi Out and follow transport GA SE4 (Cubase Artist 8.0.2)

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Midi Out and follow transport GA SE4 (Cubase Artist 8.0.2)

Post by sef »

Hi all,

According to Steinbergs website line-up GA SE4 should now (also) have the follow transport and midi out functionalities.
I have recently upgraded to Atrist 8.0.2 but do not believe to have these features.
Ultimately i am looking to get the performance section of the acoustic agent recorded to a midi track as the automatic complexity function cannot be dragged over onto the track.

Cheers Sef

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Re: Midi Out and follow transport GA SE4 (Cubase Artist 8.0.

Post by No1DaBeats »

Play a pattern in GA4. Open a Midi track and chose the agent for the input.
Then try to record the notes of the patterns.

I don't know if the SE version supports Midi Out.
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