how to find VST folder to assign GA3?

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how to find VST folder to assign GA3?

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HI All

I'm brand new here and new to home recording also. Please excuse any seemingly benign questions. I have been playing for 20 yrs but I'm a construction guy and don't know much about computers. This is a STEEP learning curve.
I have a UR22 and Cubase AI6 .Now, when I installed GA3 I was asked to pick a folder for it to be placed in. I thought I I had placed it where my Halion Synth is ( the ONLY VST I've been able to get to work in CB6). I can open the Stand alone GA3 and it works fine but (as with all my other VST attempts) in CB6, under VST Instruments, CB6 only shows Halion. What am I doing wrong? Any advice is GREATLY appreciated. Simple technical language and instructions please. And type slow, I cant read very fast......... :) Thank you very much
.....but....these go to 11

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