Groove Agent's midi out (to host)

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Groove Agent's midi out (to host)

Post by evans »

As hard as i tried, i coud not ''rec'' Groove agent's 3 midi data, to Cubase's 7 64dit midi track.
Could you help me?

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Re: Groove Agent's midi out (to host)

Post by Martyblues »

I have never been able to record groove agent 3 to cubase. Bought GA3 two years ago and tried with Cubase 5 and now 7 - tried everything - very frustrating!!! - hope someone knows and can answer.

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Groove Agent's midi out (to host)

Post by Ats »

Up to version 5, everything worked flawlessly and you could export midi notes directly to CB.

Versions 6 & 7 does not seem to support this, neither through JBridge.

In 7 (win x64) I have discover a strange and clumsy way to record the GA3 midi output to file:

> In the SetUp page be sure that the Midi Output switch is in "Record To File" position.

> In the main page, select the rhythm that you like. Press RUN so you can listen to it.

> Back in the SetUp page. Toggle the Midi Output switch to "Off".

> In your desktop you will discover a file named Grove Agent 3 output.mid

> Drag and drop it to your project.

I know it's stupid, but it works!

Cubase 10

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