GA hangs in C6 and C5

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GA hangs in C6 and C5

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Hey there,

I have posted this on the general cubase 6 board as well so sorry if you have read this before.

I have just installed cubase 6 and have updated to the current drivers on a new imac I5 2.7. I tried using Groove agent for the first time and got the spinning beach ball on every command afterwards, even after removing groove agent from the project. It was driving me nuts so I thought I would try a new project in C5 and had the same problem once Groove agent was launched. Has any one else experienced this and more importantly how can I fix this?

Imac 2.7 i5
no 3rd party plug ins
Audiofire 12
steinburg ur22
lots of hardware stuff, rack gear, mics etc

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