Using Groove Agent vstsounds with Maschine

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Using Groove Agent vstsounds with Maschine

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Something of a noob to using soft instruments -- I've dabbled but now I'm trying to get serious using Maschine Mikro 3 controller with Groove Agent with the Simon Phillips jazz expansion pack. This is the only thing I can find that allows use of brushes drums and I do a lot of jazz stuff so brushes are important. Anyway, can't seem to figure out how to us this expansion pack. Here's what I've tried:

1. Open Groove Agent, pick Jazz and a kit, say Full Swing Brush. Open Maschine 2.
2. Now here's where I get stuck. In Maschine 2, If I try to add Groove Agent as a sound, it's not on the list of sounds. Drumsynth is there, there's a Native Instruments section with a lot of their software, there's a Steinberg selection but it only lists Padshop and Retrologue.
3. Working from the Groove Agent side, I put Maschine 2 in MIDI mode but I cannot seem to map the pads the right way. I opened the NI Controller Editor to assign the pads to C0 - F0 but while I can do that in the software, it doesn't seem to transfer to the HW.

I would like to be able to add GA to Maschine2 the same way i would add Drumsynth. Ultimately, I'm going to be adding tracks to Cubase, so if there's a way to use that, great. I'm clearly missing something here. Any help would be appreciated.

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