Export Mono\Stereo files

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Export Mono\Stereo files

Post by agilkds »

Would it be possible to be able to export mono channels\files and stereo channels\files at the same time in the export menu?
That would be a wonderfull feature when you need to export all files in a project, without the assle of exporting those files in separate "exports" passes.
If we could choose in the Export Menu (or being able to choose from an automated process) to have the resulting files mono or stereo (individually), would made a lot of multitasks easy :)
Thanks :)
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Re: Export Mono\Stereo files

Post by MattiasNYC »

Not sure I understand. The way I have it set up I route any type of mix/stem to an output channel (with no physical output connected). I then just select what I want when using "export audio mixdown". My routing determines the channel-count.

Wouldn't that work?
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