Make Nuendo more touchscreen friendly

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Tumppi Järnefelt
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Make Nuendo more touchscreen friendly

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Using a hw touch sensitive controller when ever you put your finger for example on a fader, that fader will react to that ”touch” straight away and the DAW goes into a "write" mode. No need to move that fader, just touch and write starts.

With touchscreens this is not the case.
When I touch a fader and keep it still (or any other control knob on my Nuendo) touch write does not trigger. Only when I move that fader or knob touch write triggers on.

This results into a small lack and a ramp to written automation. So, not very good or smooth.
With mouse ’click and hold’ it works as it should.

Feature request: make touchscreens to act like a HW controllers so that the "write" starts straight when touching some control and not moving it?

Hope I explaned this in some sensible way…

Bye / Tumppi
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