VST Connect with a laptop

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VST Connect with a laptop

Post by MEFlyingV »

Hello. Is it possible to use VST Connect with only the internal sound card of a Windows 10 laptop? Or do I need a dedicated USB audio interface?

Without an interface, the laptop can only use ASIO4ALL or the generic low latency ASIO driver. It can't use the Steinberg ASIO driver.

The laptop, using performer, connects to the VST Connect host but can't hear the host. And vice versa. I am wondering if it is because the Steinberg driver is not being utilized.


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Re: VST Connect with a laptop

Post by -steve- »

Technically an asio driver should work, and more to the point maybe, I've connect regularly with someone on an HP laptop, using the built in sound with asio4all, and there are no problems to speak of.
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Re: VST Connect with a laptop

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if either listen or speak works, the driver works fine. Do it all the time for testing. check https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-u ... 0012899079 for hints what may cause problems with hearing each other.

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