GUI problem with Waves and Wavelab 6.1.1

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GUI problem with Waves and Wavelab 6.1.1

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I am running Wavelab 6.1.1 on an XP machine (sp3). I have some of the newer Waves plugins (ver. 9). One of them, PS22, shows a blank window when used with Wavelab 6.1.1- however it passes and processes audio (but only the default preset). PS22 works just fine on the same machine in Pro Tools 8.1 and Audition 3 (!). Also, other "new" waves plugins, such as the Aphex Exciter, work just fine with Wavelab 6.1.1 on my machine. Of the plugins I have, it is only PS22 that does not show a user interface with 6.1.1.

I have the latest available driver for my graphics card (Nvidia Gforce fx 5200), albeit that drive is from 2008.

Unfortunately, I have a restoration project (dual mono recordings from 1973 on cassette) in which PS22 woould be great as part of the mastering change. My mastering host if Wavelab 6.1.1.

Any suggestions on where to go from here?

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Re: GUI problem with Waves and Wavelab 6.1.1

Post by bob99 » ... 45&t=64317

Possibly try the previous version video driver? Possibly an extreme solution that might not work, but if you use system restore and have both driver version installers available and you're confident you can get back, maybe worth a try. ... px/5/en-us

Have you tried closing / reopening / minimizing / resizing the plugin. Don't know if that might not help.
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