Wavelab 6 Loudness Normalizer (Statistics)

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Wavelab 6 Loudness Normalizer (Statistics)

Post by Jeffdigi »

Loudness Normaliser (Statistics) Screenshot.jpg
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I wonder if anyone can help please?
I am registered blind, but have a small amount of useful vision.
I use a Windows 7 black theme for Wavelab 6 to view things more easily.
Once a wave is open, I go to Loudness Normalizer and select the Statistics. The window opens and I see all the data fields displayed normally in white text (on a black background).
But the actual values are displayed in dark blue, almost black.
You can see by the screenshot.
I have to go out of high contrast to see the values and then back to high contrast to continue.

Any ideas how I can correct this?
I’ve looked extensively online, but to no avail.
Many thanks Jeff

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Re: Wavelab 6 Loudness Normalizer (Statistics)

Post by axxeman »

On mine, if you left click and drag to shade the whole dialogue box, they become bright yellow ...

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