Portico-Wishlist: Analyzer & Right Click Q-curve

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Portico-Wishlist: Analyzer & Right Click Q-curve

Post by chris12345 »

Hello !

At first i'd like to say how much i love these two plugins, they're certainly the best i've ever used (there's no comparable EQ for me, and i've been using ALL of them ;) ) and can't be happier with that purchase.
However, i'd wish for some (simple?) functionalities, if there are any updates planned:
  • - A background spectrum analyzer...this would be like christmas, eastern and my birthday on one day :)
    I know Rupert Neve didn't have those in his schematics, but to me this is one of the greatest advantages of EQ plugins - and would make the 5033 an interstellar plugin... no wait, there's something else:

    - The other thing is quite simple i guess: controlling the Q-curve via right click/drag...as many other plugs are doing it. This would make operation a lot more friendly and efficient.

    - The last wish is for the compressor: how about a wet/dry fader for parallel compression ?
Thats all...btw, i'd pay (a little) for an update/grade of these implementations. On the other hand...it's christmas soon... :D
thank you!

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Re: Portico-Wishlist: Analyzer & Right Click Q-curve

Post by TimoWildenhain »


thank you very much for these useful suggestions and your positive feedback on our Neve plug-ins.
I will forward the suggestions to our planning department, but of course cannot promise something.

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Re: Portico-Wishlist: Analyzer & Right Click Q-curve

Post by bilekt3 »

Timo, same wishes here. Please do not throw this effects away, they are genial and easy to use!
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Re: Portico-Wishlist: Analyzer & Right Click Q-curve

Post by fuzzydude »

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