Download Assistant & new Absolute 4 instruments (Choir & Bass)

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Download Assistant & new Absolute 4 instruments (Choir & Bass)

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Nice to see that the newly released instruments (Olympus Micro Choir & Electric Bass) are updated & automatically included in my Absolute 4 Download Assistant.

However, a couple of suggestions:

1) Make that explicit in the announcements page where it presently only shows price; also in user acct. Obvious in hindsight: *these are included in Absolute 4*.

2) This also shows that Download Assistant has 'some smarts' - would be very useful to take that a step further (a la Native Instruments or Avid Download Managers) & show exactly which bits need to be updated. Steinberg Download Assistant knows the target folder (dedicated SSD in this case), shows version numbers under lib 'details', but can't supply update status, WTF? Would nice to not have to guess ...

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